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BOX LISTUNDERHILL, Evelyn (1875-1941) ›

Papers of and relating to Evelyn Underhill, 1874-1997 and undated, comprising personal correspondence of and concerning Underhill, 1888-1969 and undated, the correspondents including Baron Friedrich von Hugel (three letters, 1911-1916), Underhill's husband Hubert Stuart Moore (117 letters from Underhill to Moore, 1890-1912 and undated, and 30 letters from Moore to Underhill, 1898-1906 and undated),…

UNITED HOSPITALS OF ST THOMAS AND GUY: Physical Society of the Students ›

Records of the Physical Society of the Students of the United Hospitals of St Thomas and Guy, 1812-1815, comprising minutes of meetings, including cases and dissertations presented to the Society; rules of the Society and list of members.


Minutes of committees including the Board of Governors, 1984-1997; Guy's Academic Committee 1982-1986; UMDS Academic Board, 1983-1994; Dental Studies Committee 1983-1989; Dental Academic Committee, 1989-1998; Dental Research Committee 1988-1989; Dental School and Hospital Departments/Board 1995-1998; Accommodation Committee 1982-1986; and Guy's King's and Thomas' Strategy Group, 1995-1996; Finance…

VALANTINES, J William (fl 1802) ›

Manuscript volume comprising J William Valantines' 'fugitive extracts' and 'practical remarks' from Henry Cline's lectures on anatomy and surgery, 1802, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1783.

VENEER, Eva (fl 1940) ›

Small ring binder containing manuscript lecture notes of Eva Veneer on hygiene, dietetics, practical and theoretical nursing, 22 Oct 1940-Nov 1940.

VENTO, Mattia (1735-1776) ›

Sheet music book containing 'Sonata by Signor Vento', presumably Mattia Vento, written in manuscript for voice and accompaniment by an unknown writer; also containing a printed page of musical terms, a manuscript poem and a sketch of a country house. Undated [18th century].

WACE, Very Reverend Henry (1836-1924) ›

Bound volume of printed documents, mainly relating to King's College London, some annotated by Wace, and including, Return made by the Council in compliance with a request received December 1893, from the Education Department ; Instructions to advise and opinion of counsel , 1893; Report of the Committee on grants to University Colleges in Great Britain, 1892; Fifth report of the Royal Commission…

WADDINGTON, Joshua (fl 1815-1817) ›

Papers of Joshua Waddington, 1815-1817, comprising six manuscript volumes of notes from 'Lectures on midwifery and diseases of women and children, delivered at the theatre, Guy's Hospital, between the 1st of December 1816 and the 1st of March 1817, by John Haighton MD', includes index to subjects covered in lectures in the front of the volume, 275pp; 'Clinical cases and lectures taken by Joshua Waddington…

WAR STUDIES: King's College London Department of War Studies Records ›

The records of the Department of War Studies at King's College London consists of correspondence, printed reports and programmes, 1953-1990. These comprise correspondence and papers on course structure and syllabus, with reading lists, 1958-1969; papers relating to the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives and College Library, including Trustees' meetings, 1953-1971; correspondence and papers relating…

WAR STUDIES: King's College London Department of War Studies Student Files ›

King's College London Department of War Studies, undergraduate and postgraduate student files, 1960-1995 (Ref: KDW/FP). The majority of files to date are for postgraduate MA, MPhil/PhD and research degrees, with BA files dating from 1992. Information typically includes application for admission, notification of title of thesis, application for fellowship, letters of reference, interim progress report…

WARBURTON, Eliot (1810-1852) ›

Bound volume containing manuscript letters, mostly undated, from Eliot Warburton to Arabella Sarah Colston (1822-1891) written mainly when he was in Ireland, on subjects including: poverty, emigration and mortality in Ireland due to the Great Famine; friends and family, including the death of his father George Warburton, 1845; Warburton’s perceived lack of success as a writer and doubts over the merits…

WARREN, Henry (fl 1802-1859) ›

Papers of Henry Warren comprising his notes on lectures on anatomy delivered at St Thomas's Hospital by Sir Astley Paston Cooper and Henry Cline, [1802-1803].

WEEKES, Hampton (1780-1855) ›

Letters of the Weekes family, comprising mainly correspondence between Hampton Weekes and his family, 1801-1803, whilst a medical student at St Thomas's Hospital, 1801-1803, detailing his expenses, his training and operations he saw by hospital surgeons, including those by John Chandler, Astley Cooper and Henry Cline; also includes letters from Owen Evans to Mr Weekes, 1796; letter from Mr Brown to…

WEGG, William (1815-1893) ›

Papers of William Wegg comprising testimonials for his candidature as Physician to the General (Public) Dispensary, Bishop's Court, 1844-1845; and Assistant Physician at St Thomas's Hospital, 1849, from Thomas Alfred Barker (1808-1891), 1844, 1849; Sir James Risdon Bennett (1809-1881), (undated), 1849 1849; Henry Burton (1799-1849) 1845; Frederic Le Gros Clark (1811-1891), 1845, 1849; Daniel W Cohen,…

WELLS, Maurice Kingsley (b 1921) ›

An account of college life as a geology student evacuated to Bristol in 1943, entitled 'Fifty years ago', written as one of a series for the magazine of the Local United Reformed Church, Oct 1993; an accompanying letter dated 18 March 1994, from Wells to the Archivist at King's College London, describing the circumstances of the evacuation.

WEST, Sidney George (1909-1987) ›

Sidney George West slide collection, [1934-1937] comprises glass lantern slides depicting images of Portugal. Each slide has been numbered and labelled. They include scenes of Lisbon, Estoril, Cintra, Mafra, Evora, Santarem, Thomar, Coimbra, Luso-Bussaco, Vizeu, Oporto, Braga, Bom Jesus, Viana Do Castelo, Aveiro, Leiria, Batalha and Alcobaça and images of rivers, valleys, religious buildings and traditional…

WESTFIELD COLLEGE: Department of Computer Science Student Records ›

Westfield College Department of Computer Science student files, [1973-1986] (Ref: KDCP/FP). These mainly contain correspondence and a few application forms.


Experimental notes, working papers, correspondence and lecture summaries compiled by Charles Wheatstone, 1836-1875, and photographs collected by him in that period. Notably including papers relating to the development and testing of the telegraph, [1836-1960]; descriptions of experiments and test results concerning the measurement of electromotive forces and electrical potential, [1840-1875]; experimental…

WHILE, Alison (fl 1995) ›

The collection comprises 44 audio tapes of interviews with the bereaved parents of children with life limiting illnesses, 1995; including a bundle of record cards indexing the tapes with the names of the children, their ages and notes on individual cases.

WHITE, Barbara (1907-1987) ›

King's College London Calendar 1926-1927 ; one tie and two badges with initials 'K.C.L.W.B.C.', probably for rowing, 1927-1928; newspaper cutting photograph of a rowing cox [White]; University of London 'Programme of Presentation Day', 14 May 1930; retirement card with signatures; 'The emergence of gastroenterology', the Harveian Oration delivered by Sir Francis Avery Jones, retired Consulting Physician…

WHITE, Errol Ivor (1901-1985) ›

Volume entitled Errol Ivor White, 1901-1985, elected FRS 1956, by Sir James Stubblefield, FRS, (Reprinted from biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, volume 31, November 1985).

WHITE, Margaret Mary (1914-1979) ›

Papers of Margaret Mary White, 1929-1930, reflecting her training as a Civil Service telegraphist. Notably comprises documents relating to her time at St George's College including White's handwritten essays, 1929; report for Margaret White, 1930; application form for writing assistants examination, 1930; Journals, 1929-1930; St George's College Old Students' Association Application Form, 1930; college…

WHYTT, Robert (1714-1766) ›

Papers relating to Robert Whytt, comprising notes on his clinical lectures, delivered at Edinburgh University, [1760], taken by an unidentified student, with some 'Directions given by the Physician General at the Havannah to the surgeons of the Army relating to the management of the sick'.

WILCOX, Rev John Bower ›

Notes from sermons of Revd John Bower Wilcox, taken by Elsie Harding at Moorsholm Church, Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire, [1974], including 'The Church Year' and 'Saints and subjects'.

DETAILED CATALOGUEWILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick (1916-2004) ›

Papers of Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins, 1854-2004, including: laboratory notebooks, graphs, data sets, notes, x-ray diffraction photographs and published articles relating to his scientific research, 1948-1976, chiefly his work on the structure of DNA, 1947-1966; correspondence, 1948-2004, with and about scientific colleagues, including Struther Arnott, Allen Blaurock, Francis Crick, Boris Ephrussi,…

WILKINSON, Professor George Randall (1927-1989) ›

Papers, [1949]-1988, mainly relating to the teaching of physics at King's College, London, notably teaching notes, handouts and offprints of articles for use in lectures and tutorials, on subjects including Raman Spectroscopy, Microwave and Physics Frequency Spectroscopy, Solid State Physics, Hydrograph Bonding, and Modern Physics, [1950-1986]; two copies of the King's College London Physics Department…

WILKS, Sir Samuel (1824-1911) ›

Papers of Sir Samuel Wilks, comprising volume containing testimonials for Samuel Wilks, 1843-1846, 1852-1853; letters to Wilks, from Alfred S Taylor, 10 Apr 1886, and W M Hughes, 9 Apr 1886, relating to publication of a papers in the Guy's Hospital Reports ; testimonials to him for the position of Physician to Surrey Dispensary, 1852, including from staff at Guy's Hospital; certificates for Samuel…

WILLIAMS, Charles Walter Stansby (1886-1945) ›

Papers of and relating to Charles Walter Stansby Williams, 1937-1946 and undated, including corrected proof of The Region of Summer Stars ; typescripts including 'Terror of Light', 'The Working of Porphyry', 'Taliessin in the Rose Garden', and 'Prologue' to a production of The Way of the Cross by Henry Gheon; memorabilia relating to Williams, including three photographs, and obituaries.

WILLIAMS, William Samuel (fl 1895-1938) ›

Papers of William Samuel Williams, 1934, comprising a copy of his book The Case for the Lay Ministry of the Church of England: readers, evangelists and parish clerks, etc (Parrett & Neves, Chatham, 1934); papers originally enclosed in the book, 1934, comprising reviews from the Church Times , copy memoranda from Williams and others relating to the office of Reader, papers and correspondence relating…

WILLIAMSON, Frederick (fl 1882-1884) ›

Notebook of Williamson, 1884, created whilst a student at King's College, London, and containing notes on Divinity, Greek, Mathematics, Physics, History, Latin, Greek Testament and English Literature.

WILSON, Professor Ernest (1863-1932) ›

Offprints of articles by Wilson, 1914-1931, on subjects relating to electrical engineering, from the Proceedings of the Royal Society , 1914-1924, Experimental wireless and the wireless engineer , 1929-1930, The wireless world , 1921, The proceedings of the Physical Society , 1922-1931, The electrician , 1913-1915, and the Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers , 1917-1931, including an…

WINCH, Professor Peter Guy (1926-1997) ›

Papers of Prof Peter Guy Winch, 1936-1996, including professional correspondence; teaching notes; lecture notes and handouts; draft and proofs of articles by Winch; proof copy of The Idea of Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy, 2nd edition; papers relating to the University of Swansea including minutes of departmental meetings, 1984; papers relating to Winch's time at King's College London…

WINNINGTON-INGRAM, Reginald Pepys, (1904-1993) ›

Papers of Professor Reginald Pepys Winnington-Ingram, [1922-1995] including research papers relating to Studies in Aeschylus (Cambridge University Press, 1983) comprising manuscript and typescript drafts and notes by Winnington-Ingram including on the Erines in the Oresteia , the Seven against Thebes and Prometheus Bound ; off-prints of articles; correspondence with other classicists including his…

WINSTON, George A R (died 1967) ›

Papers of George A R Winston comprising typescript copies of articles 'The state and the medical services', [1950] 11pp; and 'A brief history of Guy's Hospital', by Winston and WHH, [1952]. 6pp.

WINSTON, John Henry Ernest (died 1956) ›

Papers of J H E Winston comprising a notebook titled 'Guy's Hospital Museum of Antiquities 1919-1920', including descriptions of a bass relief from the mansion of the prior of St Pancras, discovered on the site of the College; notes on the construction of Guy's; list of illustrations and of Guy's Hospital; notes on John Keats; other items relating to the history of Guy's Hospital. Also contains some…

WOODYER, Caleb (fl 1787) ›

Papers of Caleb Woodyer, comprising one manuscript volume titled 'Lectures on surgery by John Hunter, notes taken by Caleb Woodyer', with notes on 67 lectures, [1787], with index to lectures on the back of the volume. 418pp

WOOLDRIDGE, Sidney William (1900-1963) ›

The papers of Sidney Wooldridge comprise correspondence, lecture texts, a bibliography and photographs, 1921-1965, most notably correspondence concerned with the development of the Department and the Joint School of Geography set up between King's and the London School of Economics, including the move of Geology to Royal Holloway College, 1921-1985; typescript lecture text by Wooldridge entitled 'The…

WORDSWORTH, Rt Rev John (1843-1911) ›

Papers of John Wordsworth, 1881-1911, comprising manuscript texts of 395 sermons delivered at King's College London and elsewhere, 1881-1904, each annotated with dates and places of delivery; letters to the Reverend Henry Julian White concerning Wordsworth, copies of Wordsworth's obituaries, 1911; manuscript notebook, possibly by Wordsworth, concerning doctrinal themes, largely relating to the training…

WORMALD, Francis (1904-1972) ›

Papers of Francis Wormald, comprising several scientific notebooks by Honoria Yeo (Wormald's wife) during her time as a pharmacy student, [1930-1939]; photographs, photocopies and postcards, used for teaching or research purposes, of the exterior and interiors of British and European churches, church furnishings, and pages from numerous illuminated manuscripts, Psalters and books of hours, many from…

BOX LISTWORMALD, Patrick (1947-2004) ›

Academic papers of Patrick Wormald, including texts of published and unpublished research notes and writings, lectures, drafts of books and articles created by Patrick Wormald, 1968-2004; notably including handwritten notes from research undertaken by Wormald from study of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts or taken from public lectures attended by Wormald on lawsuits, government, post-Roman Britain and pre-Conquest…

WRIGGLESWORTH, John M (1941-2005) ›

Papers of John M Wrigglesworth, 1963-1985, comprise records reflecting his role at Chelsea College, as Chair of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and reflect his commitment to the College and biochemistry. The collection notably includes material regarding the threat of College closure (it eventually merged with King's College in 1985), including a copy of the petition by members of Chelsea…

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